Just wondering.......LPN's in other states

  1. just wondering what lpn's can & cant do in other states.... im in mass.
    been a nurse for 8yrs now and have done alot in my "short" career
    so far. ive been a wound nurse, mds nurse, add-on nurse and a shift supervisor in an 150 bed snf/ltc facility as well as being a cna instructor(state certified) and of course a floor charge nurse. currently im a floor charge nurse (myself and the other nurse are charge (ltc unit) ) i have 23 pts on my wing ..total of 43 on the unit with 6 cna's
    total for my 3-11 shift... how are the ratio's elsewhere? how is the pay in other areas? i made just over $55k last yr with very little overtime...
    like i said....just wondering.................
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