Just Plain Lazy

  1. I have to work with an RN who is just plain lazy.
    She doesnt give all her meds,she lets the CNA's give some of them,she doesnt do all her treatments,her job is her social life and shes always gossiping with her favorite CNA's.
    She calls for help for more cnas to work on her floor ,then she is found sitting on her butt watching tv.

    She is the favorite of the HN,cause shes cute and bubbly. One RN told the HN about her,but she is the favorite,so no discipline

    I resent working with her,cause Im working my butt off every day and shes cruising.

    What should I do? Let it go and pay attention to my buisness? or report her again? or confront her?
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  3. by   moonshadeau
    Confront her and then report her to state board. Surely she is doing something illegal to the nurse practice act. Especially if she is letting aides pass meds.
  4. by   thisnurse
    if her laziness has a direct impact on you, then by all means, report her. if her behavior just annoys you and you dont have to pick up her slack then just grit your teeth and let it go.
    people like that ALWAYS get caught. you just have to be patient and wait it out. she will be reprimanded eventually. and if shes letting the cnas give meds its going to be severe.
    besides, if shes already been reported and nothing has been done, what makes you think that she will be diciplined when you report her?
    i think you are going to only make more problems for yourself. she has the rope, let her hang herself.
  5. by   debbyed
    Allowing non-certified medicine nursing assistants to give patient medications is not only in violation of the nurse practice act IT IS DANGEROUS. Document and report every episode that you witness. If it were to come to light that you knew and witnessed this practice there is a possiblity that you also could be held responsible for not reporting it. Keep copies of your documentation and who you reported it to.
  6. by   Slowone
    There is always one is the bunch!
    You will see the "lazy social butterfly, RN" just about everywhere, if she in with the boss well it may be a lost cause.
    HOWEVER, if she is indeed allowing unlicensed personnel give meds, that is dangerous and illegal. Forget the supervisor, go to your state licensing board. Document everything that you may witness, as stated before....knowing and not telling can get you in just as much trouble.