Just Found Out I Passed Nclex!!

  1. Just got my license today!!!! I had 75 questions. It has been one week and three days, and I just found out that I passed.

    I'm celebrating tonight--you all know what I've been through. Nursing school isn't easy. I'm so happy to be in this profession!
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  3. by   KC CHICK
    Go out and celebrate. It's a great feeling to know you never have to worry about that stinkin' test again.

  4. by   4XNURSE

    Now, find your niche, and go for it!

    Hope you have a long and happy career.

  5. by   live4today
    Congratulations young lady! Best of luck in your nursing career!
  6. by   mightynurse
    Congratulations, hope you have a wonderful and fulfilling nursing career !
  7. by   raiderron
    Congratulations!!!!!!!! You now have a "License to Learn!" It was a long and hard journey to get here but now the real fun begins. Best of luck in finding your special niche.
  8. by   PaulaRN2Be
    Congrats! I just found out that I passed too! I also had 75 questions, and had to wait 2 weeks for the results. It was the longest two weeks of my life! Now if only I can decide what specialty area I want to work in!!! LOL. Good luck to you, and I wish you only the best!

    Paula RN
  9. by   live4today
    When I sat for the NCLEX in July 1987 (four months post graduation), I did not receive my results for two months after taking the exam! So, having to wait two weeks -- or less -- is pretty darn good if that's all you grad nurses had to wait to get your results today! Of course, I didn't have the computer exam, I had the looooonnnnnggg two day exam where each nursing graduate had to pass with 1600 points MINIMUM before becoming a licensed registered nurse! You new grads have got it made in my book!
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  11. by   RN6699
    CONGRATS! You're right! For me, nursing school was the hardest thing that I have ever completed!
  12. by   P_RN
    VERY GOOD!!!!

    I'm like Cheerful, I graduated in August, took state boards the end of September and found out the results in November!!!!

    Of course that was back in the Jurassic Period when dino-nurses ruled the earth!

  13. by   judy ann
    Congratulations to all of you! Now it is time to begin the Great Adventure! This"older than dirt" nurse took the first multiple choice (they had been essay!) State Board Exams (yes-examS) We spent two days in Chicago (the only test site in Illinois, and students were assigned dates to test) and took five tests in "each specialty". This was in mid October (year undisclosed). I got results on January 20. I shall never forget. At that time, passing score was 350 on each test in most states, but California and (I think)Florida required 500. The one good part was that, if you failed one test, that is the only one that you had to retake.
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  14. by   bassbird
    :d [font=courier new]congratulations :d

    i am so happy for you guys. i'll be taking my test in late june or so and hope i do as well as you did!

    good luck in your new career and have some well deserved fun!!!