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  1. What specific tasks is each shift responsible for where you work? How universal is this division of labor? For example-

    At our 160 bed inpatient Rehab facility, Day shift is responsible for: filling out a head-to-toe assessment (q 24 hr) and team meetings. They end up handling most of the discharge paperwork with the patient.

    Evening shift is responsible for totaling and assessing I + O / daily flow sheets and taking off coumadin orders. They tend to wind up with more of the admission paperwork.

    Night shift does 24 hour checks on all charts, recopies MAR's, recalibrates glocometers, and fills out lab requisitions.

    All shifts are responsible for taking off orders and shift checks on patient charts.
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  3. by   unknown99
    I work at the local hospital. The unit I work on is 12 beds-- 6 are rehab, and the other 6 are subacute.
    First shift assesses the rehab side, does the bathes and beds, and checks the refridgerator temps, in addition to the nursing duties.
    Second shift assesses the subacute side, does patient teaching, and checks the crash cart, and checks MARS for the next 24 hour period.
    Third shift gets the weights on all 12, does glucometer controls, and cleans fridges.
    Also all 3 shifts have their normal nursing duties.