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  1. Hi everybody,
    sorry for the slight off-topicness of this post, but I get no answer in the International Forum.
    I'm a Belgian male nurse with an Emergency and ICU specialisation. I am a bit confused concerning the abreviations (RN, etc...)used in the States (and elsewhere)
    There's no nursing at University over here, but two grades in college. I'd like to know where I stand in the grand scheme of things.(International Nursing)
    I'd also like to know(or be directed towards a place where I can find out myself) if there's a shortage of nurses in the US, and if yes, how I would go about my business of getting a registration over there.

    If anybody could help me out on this, I would be extremely gratefull.

    Patrick Zahnoun

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  3. by   MollyJ
    Hi ZcorPion, I did a brief search and went to the state board home page for my state, Kansas. They require "foreign nursing grads" to seeking acreditation with the commission governing foreign nursing graduates. see their home page at http://www.cgfns.org

    I know that in KS, a rural state in the middle of the US, we do have some foreign nursing grads and I believe that their are some shortages in especially ICU and ED nursing in our area and others.

    Good luck on your journey.