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    any RNs from Oregon? I'm moving to Oregon at the end of June. I'm a new graduate nurse with only 5 mos. of experience working at a acute rehab hospital. Want to look for a job before getting out there but don't know which hospitals are hiring. Any advice on where to live? What are my chances of getting a job before moving out to Oregon? Thanks!
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  3. by   Peds4LifeRN
    well... maybe about 3 months ago i emailed various hospitals in the portland area and they told me they were laying off nurses. these were pediatric hospitals. i'm not sure how it is in the adult med-surge spectrum or with any other specialties. anyhow, maybe it's changed by now? you should call nursing recruiters from hospitals, look up jobs on places like or ... maybe even craigslist (although that would be my last choice). good luck.
  4. by   Midwest4me
    You can PM me and I'll pass on some info that was passed on to me.