1. I'm considerting travel nursing. The recruiters all say the same things while badmouthing the other companies. I haven't worked with many travellers and I have many questions. How come the pay seems to be different when the hospitals are the same ones who are hiring? Are the hiring hospitals expecting a nurse who needs no training? My hospital is fairly small and my experience somewhat limited due to that. I'd like to know hospitals where teaching and learning are valued. Is travelling a good way to gain knowledge and experience or am I expecting too much from these hospitals. I don't want to get in over my head. 1 recruiter says they don't give private housing but you can pay extra for it. Other companies say private is all they provide. Company #1 says yes they do, but they put you in bad places and they charge you a little more for better housing.
    All very confusing. Do hiring hospitals dump on travellers or do they treat them well because they need the help so bad. I've heard some tales about that.
    Any info/discussion would be great.
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  3. by   Aurelia Fox
    I don't know much about travel nursing. I do know there are some sites specific to travelers. You could search the web for those, you may find some useful info. I'm not saying don't post here by the way
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    c fiser,

    I'd recommend posting this question in our travel nursing forum here:

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    You have posed important questions about traveling, and as noted before, you need to go to a more authoratative source and talk to travelers. To be honest, hospitals are not interested in your learning factor, that's not why they want a traveler. They want a nurse who can come on and after 8-10 hours of orientation, pick up as if he/she had been there as a permanent staff member. So it is important that you have the necessary skills to perform in the specified setting, because it is a 'waste' of money if the staff has to be continously helping you through your assignment.

    I speak only of the experiences I have witnessed, and the bottom line is: it is your license on the line. That is why adequate experience is so vital. I have seen travelers come into positions who did oncology but stepped into a CCU/step-down position--2 very different worlds, and they got burned. Travel companies will talk you into a position you may not be totally qualified for, because the recuiter isn't always a nurse, therefore they really don't know.

    As I said before, you need to have the skill level and confidence to go into a traveling position, it is your license.
  6. by   pixie
    I traveled for a year and wouldn't trade my experience for anything. I never got dumped on- I did have an "eye-opening" assignment though that I couldn't believe existed. I worked in the OR and this particular hospital had bug zappers in the core hall of the OR. There was nothing they could do about the bug situation. The OR was located on the main floor next to the hospital garbage. But, enough of that. It is true that travel companies offer different packages. I had a good experience with ClinicalOne and AmericanMobile. I did pay a little extra for housing but I am married and had my husband with me. Our first apartment was total luxury- brand new with a garden tub and the biggest kitchen I had ever seen in an apartment so I thought all housing was like this. But it is not. Some of the apartments I would not have chosen but they were safe and I was spoiled by the first assignment. Don't be discouraged by your scope of experience. Just be conservative on your first assignment and make sure you feel comfortable with what they expect. I traveled only after one year of nursing experience. I knew there was more out there than in the facility and the city I lived in. Like I said before, I wouldn't trade my travel experience for anything and I would like to go again. If you have a pushy recruiter, ask for a different one within the company or just forget that company. There are so many to choose from. Good luck!