It final happened a positive nursing image!

  1. It happened last week on Frazier.

    I'm so used to seeing nurses portrayed as sex kittens or doctor errand boys. I have to say I was so surprised and happy to see it.

    A nurse delivered Niles baby in the series finally. Although it was a tiny little part of the show it gave a good impression of nurses and was very refreshing.
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  3. by   VickyRN
    Yeah! Glad to hear it! I was impressed with the series "Monk" also. Monk's nurse Sharona (sp?) was portrayed in a very positive light.
  4. by   Repat
    Hey, everyone, the Center for Nursing Advocacy ( is looking for both positive and negative portrayals of nursing in the media (see this month's AJN for more). Write to them and let them know (I haven't seen these, or I would!).
  5. by   steel magnolia
    Yay, I missed the episode, but glad to hear this.