Introducing Kids to Nursing

  1. My son's 2nd grade teacher asked me to give a class presentation about what nurses do on a daily basis and explain how important nurses are in our community.

    I have a total of 20 minutes so I thought I would pass around a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, tube feeding bags, etc.. But my question is how can I make it fun, interactive and what type of small gift can I give them to take home. I thought about hand sanitizer but another parent beat me to it.

    Does anyone have any great ideas how to pull this together. I want my son's classmates to think I'm a cool mom!!

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  3. by   novanurse77
    My friend is a girl scout leader and i told her i would do a discover nursing patch with the girls and i got a lot of stuff from for free,(posters, pins, videos, coloring books,etc to hand out. For younger kids they have coloring books and book covers about nursing and shows males and female nurses. I don't know how cool it is but its an