interview from a dutch nursery-student

  1. Hi all,

    I'm York Bruijn, a nursery student from the Netherlands (so my english might be not that good).
    I got an assignment to interview nurses about their job. Especially about what they experience as their main tasks and duties.
    Well, because I'm on the www a lot I thought this might be a nice way of interviewing several nurses at once.
    Hopefully some of you would answer the following questions. It would be highly appreciated by this nurse-student.
    You can send answers by email to:


    *current job (like which department of the hospital)

    *Short description of this job/department of the hospital.
    *What kind of patients do you work with most of the time (like children, elderly people, people with a certain disease)
    *Who are your colleagues, just nurses or also doctors or others?

    Do you have tasks/duties that fall into the following 6 groups? If yes, what are those tasks/duties. If not, why not? Maybe a colleague takes care of them?
    - Care
    - Therapeutical
    - Coordination (management)
    - Reporting (meetings)
    - Giving information
    - Domestic activities (like taking care of the beds)

    *What do you consider as your main/most important tasks/duties as a nurse (in your current job).

    That was all.....
    Hope you can find the time to answer me.
    York bruijn
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