Inter-Unit Fuss

  1. I wonder how many of my fellow critical care nurses out there work when each unit has it's own staff-vs-nurses who work all units. I have worked two places where nurses worked only ICU or CCU and if one had to float to the other unit, they were somewhat looked down on as inferior because they worked the "other unit." The rest have been like where I work now which is all unit nurses work ICU/CCU/NeuroCU. I think this is a better system and there some whose speciality leans toward one more than the other 2 may spend more time in their speciality but those of use with experience in all three as do all the nurses but us a little more frequently.

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  3. by   Linda, CCRN
    Our ICU is supposed to be separated into MICU, SICU, and CCU; however, because of our high census, the patient is usually put into the next available bed (usually its still warm from the last patient). Except for open-heart and transplant, our critical care nurses are never in the same area. Our managers do take into consideration levels of experience when assigning patients; for example, a new grad (yes, we do take new grads into ICU) would not be given a bad trauma. We also have 5 different levels of nurses from staff nurse to a level 3 senior primary nurse. The more experienced nurses take the open-heart and transplants. Probably more to appease the surgeons than anything else. I like not having the same type of patient all the time. Its much more interesting and you never know what to expect. I might add that most of us in our ICU work well together as a team. In regard to the nurses you spoke of who look down upon others, it embarrasses me as a nurse that so many of us take such a patronizing attitude to our colleagues.
  4. by   Sophie
    I also agree that changing the unit assignments is a good idea. Nursing can be so divided ie: which area you work; if you are a BS,MS,diploma,etc; day shift/night shift; new or experienced nurse; bedside or administrative; etc. etc. We need to strive to be cohesive, and being assigned to one particular unit DOES lead to some nurses having a superiority complex. Sophie