info on rn to msn degree

  1. hi , i heard abt this rn to msn degree and i think its great to save time than doing bsn before msn.i am interested in doing this msn after my rn .so plz any senior experience person guide me ,what to do.what is the course duration of this program etc etc etc.............
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  3. by   Armygirl7
    Hey Sheraz , what's the name of the program? Where is it offered? Why don't you describe it a little and maybe someone on here has done a similar program and can advise....:spin:
  4. by   GOMER42
    I don't know what program you are speaking of, but there is an RN-MSN program through the Indiana University School of Nursing.
    The duration depends on how many credits you take at a time. You must have at least 2 years of experience as an RN before you can apply and the programs are competitive.