Improving working conditions and improving patient care

  1. As I try to have a little chat with every patient i have in my care, (mind you its not a very good staffing environment where i work) having the least of 30 to a maximum of 60 on my care alone... (government hospital thing here in my country) you really cant concentrate much on the real patient needs anymore.

    They say working in a government hospital is good. I believe so because it really serves my purspose of being a nurse: "to serve" especially those who cant afford a better service a private hospital could give. But i cant help not notice the undesirable (at times) working conditions we have in our institution. I love my work, but the issue of Understaffing is overwhelming (mentioning a ratio of 1:30).

    How could you provide quality nursing care if within an 8-hour shift, 3 hours (the least) is consumed in carrying out doctor's orders. 1-2 hours on admitting patients, 2-3 hours on administering medications, performing nursing procedures, etc.?
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