Immigrant LPN needs help

  1. We are recent immigrants in the US (since 1993). We came with my work visa (computer pros) which prohibits my wife (nurse) from working. Meanwhile, she tried passing her RN-NCLEX but has so far failed. She has LPN licence in CA and NY. We have lived in South Jersey since we came, I work in Phila, PA for 7 years now. My wife cannot get reciprocity in NJ, DE & PA because of new rules which says BSN cannot be a substitute for education req for LPNs. My wife loves her work and has since taken a job in NY. We are 100 miles apart except weekends. I cannot give up my work in Phila because of my seniority and wife really loves her work. Does anybody have an advice for us ?
    We are eager to hear from anyone.
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