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I'm bored at my current position....I've been actively looking for a new job. I've been denied positions over and over...they say I'd have to work midnights to start out. (our local hospitals are... Read More

  1. by   askater11
    L. Rae...stress and physical symptoms are one reason I was looking for another job. Our unit nurse patient ratio has been changed for the worse. Nurses are feeling the effect mentally and physically...I spoke to my manager about our concerns and was told basically take it or leave it. I've decided to leave. Now I need to find a job. (this profession or maybe another)

    Jen...patients are on all sort of diets. Last day I worked my patient was on a Blood Type Diet. He found a book and was following the book guidelines...

    I've had a couple of patients that were big into alternative medicine. (more on the lines of herbs etc.)

    I really can't help your question. I personally would think your nutritional skill would help you a lot. On the line of holistic....I feel more and more patients are looking for alternatives to meeting their health care needs.

    Perhaps, start a topic on the board regarding holistic nursing....I'm sure nurses on this board can help you. This is a wonderful nursing board...nurses here know so much.
  2. by   stressedlpn
    askater11, I know how you feel the burnout is kinda getting in high gear this week, I am very seriously thinking of teaching, maybe history,
  3. by   FTell001
    I was to the point of HATING the thought of going into a hospital ever again...
    I had enought of the pt. load, the stressed out staff..the stressed out me!
    I just started a new job..TODAY. I am working for a facility owned by an RN. She has social workers and RNs that make trips to assisted living facilities. Some of the clients are mentally handicapped...some are physically handicapped. All of the clients have workers that are with them full time. We make visits to these clients...pay their bills, check their living quarters to make sure they are clean...check the workers to make sure they are providing the care as prescribed. This job is associated with a "waiver program" which is funded by the state. The state has companies that are contracted with all case managers employed. That company contracts the "work force facility" which is who I am working for. The clients we care for have to have had the disablity before the age of 21. It can be mental or physical..and this "waiver program" provides them a means to live on their own and not be left in nursing homes. The clients can go to school..to work..etc. They have care provided at these assisted living areas by the company I work for. The care is basically CNA's.....
    The job..(today is my first day) is wonderful..especially for this nurse who has spent years trodding the hallways.
    I loved nursing..the patient aspect of it BUT..now with the profession the way it is..its NOT a caring profession..its a money thing with management and the insurance companies. I feel sorry for the pts now...SORRY THEY HAVE to enter the hospitals!
    I'm going to give this job a chance.....and hopefully I'll never have to enter another hospital as an employee!
  4. by   ceecel.dee
    I'd like to sell T-shirts on the beach (semi-short sabbatical) - but not in Bali!
  5. by   FTell001

    accessing this site..you can check on the waiver programs by emailing them. If they have a waiver program in your state..you may be able to find out the providers for care..and submit an application! Good luck to you!