If you could ask a GENIE...

  1. What would be the TOP 3 wishes you would ask a GENIE to grant you with at work?
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  3. by   jjensen
    1. All patients be walky/talky
    2. All staff treat others as they would like to be treated
    3. All supplies to be in my pocket at all times...
  4. by   oramar
    1. good staffing 2.good staffing 3. good staffing
  5. by   HonestRN
    One wish, Ivory tower nursing like the NCLEX and nursing school present

    Wait one more: congenial staff all around
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  6. by   Keepstanding
    1. nurses would respect and help one and other.
    2. patient ratio per nurse would be low.
    3. better working conditions.
  7. by   canoehead
    Equipment in each room to do the job, and to take care of emergencies.

    My pet peeve is lack of manual BP pumps, or stethoscopes. when I forget or lose my stethoscope even a $10 one will do, but even that seems too much.
  8. by   JustJen
    This is a good one!

    1) Incontinant people would have a "self cleaning" button.

    2) Family members would have a mute button.

    3) People wouldn't be so eager for have something wrong with them. It makes me crazy how many people are disappointed that we didnt diagnose them with something terrible.
  9. by   WalkieTalkie
    1. No poop, can I repeat that? NO POOP!
    2. Realistic family members
    3. Receptive doctors
  10. by   eriksoln
    1. Give my patients something to do other than watch TV. Distraction is a documented pain control measure. There is no distraction for patients in hospitals.

    2. That nursing homes would not be "people warehouses". A society can be judged by the way it treats its elderly. We are failing.

    3. That nurses, everywhere, in every field, would stand together and stop bashing one another. As a unified force, we can stop begging/asking for respect and demand it.
  11. by   catshowlady
    1. Better staffing
    2. Respectful pts, families, and coworkers
    3. Have the supplies I need in the room or in my pocket.
  12. by   scared'o'needles!
    Luvin this thread:

    First wish : Is that there is no such thing as pyjama paralysis i.e., when an able bodied, although, slightly afflicted person becomes totally dependant on nursing staff the minute they are placed into pyjamas within a healthcare environment:icon_roll

    Second wish : That all people (patients/relatives/staffs etc.) that continually complain about petty and fictional things will, instead of voicing there grievances, burst into a chorus of the song " I'm forever blowing bubbles" - song choice for my personal amusement

    Third wish : All my patients recover, quickly and without set backs ( I'm a nurse and I care...after all. Or do I mean scare, lol)
  13. by   llg
    1. That my job would be secure and that I would not have to worry about it being eliminated in the next round of budget cuts.

    2. That the key players would realize that there needs to be a major re-design of how we educate nurses -- both in the schools and as employees (through Staff Development). I am quite willing to work hard to solve the problems if only I could get people to acknowledge the true problems and allocate the resources to start working on solutions. We keep burying out heads in the sand and muddle along from year-to-year without really making much progress on anything.

    3. That the true value of nurses would be recognized.