If you could do anything in nursing - page 3

If you could be in any area of nursing other than the one you are already involved in, and didn't have the constraints of time, training or location, what would you choose? I would be a flight... Read More

  1. by   TRN
    I would take nursing to a whole new level. Independent contracting and entrepreneur type practice would be my dream. I would love to own an organization that promotes nursing so we are viewed as educated professionals and not "wpmen's work".
  2. by   jrmcdoug2
    I don't really have any time restraints but I am leaning toward pediatric OR. I have been a mother/baby nurse since the beginning and i am starting to feel trapped. I love the people i work with but i need some skills. I want to do some travel nursing and the positions for M/B nurses are slim. Peds OR would give me something more to work with.
  3. by   MarnnaRN
    I would do hospice nursing. I loved that rotation in nursing school. I worked on the oncology floor at the time, and almost all the patients we visited in the community, I already knew from being in the hospital.