I work too hard - what does that mean?

  1. I was told today by one of the CNA's who works with me on the midnight shift in a LTC that I work too hard and that none of the other nurses work as hard as I do - And that I should slow down and take it easy.
    My background - brand new LPN working at first job 3 months. I do work non-stop until my breaks (which I make myself take, since we have to clock out for them [facility policy]). I actually think the paperwork (charting, 24-hour report, chart checks, insulin date checks, etc) take up most of my time. Also, in the morning I really start running with the 6:30 am meds and accucheks, G-tube flushes, PICC line(1). I don't really see how even an experienced nurse could get everything done unless they worked basically non-stop.
    Once a nurse volunteered to do my accucheks for me, because she said "she could do them really fast". But the speed at which she did them led me to believe that she either didn't wear gloves or didn't change gloves and possibly didn't do all of them. She did like 8 in about 10 minutes. It would take me at least double that time to do 8 accuchecks. Being new, do you think I'm really that slow or is it that I'm still trying to do everything, whereas the experienced nurse know the shortcuts and what to leave out?
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  3. by   neetnik461
    As a new nurse with 10 months ICU experience behind me . . .I understand completely! Yes, you are going to do things slower than the more experienced nurses, and yes they will seem to fly through details that take you forever. Remember, you are technically considered a "novice" nurse until 2 years experience.

    Once on night shift during my orientation period my preceptor nurse insisted that I get out of the patient's rooms and "sit down" and said "you are going to nurse those patients to death". He told me that he has literally seen nurses cause patients to deteriorate because of fussing with every detail, overstimulating them and not allowing them to rest.

    On the other hand, there are nurses out there who cut corners when it comes to some of the basics that you and I are trying to be thorough about. You will find experienced nurses who take care of the pressing issues in patient care and neglect the "housekeeping" details. Sometimes this can't be helped if it's been a rough shift.

    As for the CNA . . .I think it would have been nice if she offered to give you a hand rather than tongue lash you about working too hard.

    So keep up the good work . . .at a pace that is safe for you at this early stage. Keep taking those breaks . . . and do your best because nothing feels better than going home knowing that you have done the most excellent job that you can . . .in every aspect of patient care.
  4. by   Antikigirl
    Okay...this is NOT a competition but a career, license as well as tending to pts very lives! You do things the way you feel safe and at your pace period. If you aren't getting any complaints of being too slow from administration...then stay at your current routine!!!

    As you progress in this job, things will come faster and easier as you do things the way YOU FEEL SAFE doing them! I too (and still do) have a record for actually doing everything to the letter, and being one of the few that actually fills out the paperwork totally without a missing area! LOL! That took being slower till I got it all down, but in a flash I was getting use to it and going faster.

    The trick was...I took the time when I was laying my foundation on my routine that now it is natural! So take that time to incorporate doing it right...speed will happen as you continue! .

    Do your job according to you...speed doesn't save your license...in fact many times it can put it in trouble. Be careful, go your own speed, and your pts will be taken care of very well by you! .