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Hi, everyone , I am a Chinese student and I have graduated from a nursing college for two years. Now I am in a master's program of medicine. Recently I hear that the U.S is very in need of nurses and... Read More

  1. by   flyingbird
    I have taken the exam of GRE and TOEFL, the score respectively 2310 and 625. I am going to take the TSE in October this year and take the NCLEX-RN at the end of this year. I have found an healthy company in New York to help me work in the states. At present I am in the precedure towards my goal.

    Ask USnurse a question. As far as I am concerned, do you think whether i could find an ideal job in NY and what is the sarary that I can get?

    All the member, who can give me some advice about my thought of working as a nurse in the U.S ?