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  1. ok folks..i need you experianced nurses out there (i'm just a student). a while ago i noticed a pea sized bump on my leg, just beneath the patella. well now it is much larger, reddened, and very tender to the touch, and there is another starting below that. do you think it is cellulitis? if so, what is done abuot this..just PO antibiotics, right? is there something else this could be. i know i should not have let this go this long (~2 months ) but i just assumed it would fix itself. well, its obviously not. i'm planning on calling the MD tomorrow after clinical, but i just thought i would try to get some info out of you guys!!please?
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  3. by   Huganurse
    Let us know what it turns out to be.
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  4. by   Shannon13
    Nurses make the worst pt........ we are soo busy we put everything off- and always think it will fix itself. call the doc and hopefully it's nothing serious
  5. by   LJoyW_27
    i went to the MD's today...she looked at it and sent me right to the hospital for an xray to see if there were definate edges that meant it wasn't involved in the bone, and a script for a bone scan if they couldn't see that...well after an xray and a bunch of blood work i have an appt. for a bone scan monday and prescription for Keflex..they think it is osteomylitis...i know this is an infection of the bone...it is generally tx with antibiotics, right? would that require being admitted?? i cann't miss class thanks for the replies
  6. by   NurseTami
    The five worst words- Maybe it will go away......

    Osteomyelitis is usually tx with IV antibiotics- sometimes on an outpatient basis, depends on the case. Usually requires PICC line- an IV that lasts longer than a peripheral line, it is inserted in the forearm and threads up through the vein going into the heart.

    Chill out until you know what it is, it could be nothing serious, while your mind is churning out horrible scenarios!