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  1. i am writing my reports about evidece-based nursing,and the time is limited ,but materials i can find is poor,because EBN is a new thing in China. dose anyone know it,or have info about it ,especial how to operate EBN please help me!!!!
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    thanks for your reply,but it is not enough to support a report.i read alot in the web ,for example, pain caused by bladder spasm,but i know the third step is assess the evidnce i can find,
    then how can i assess it ?
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  4. by   Agnus
    EBN is practice that follows the recomendation of reasearch instead of traditional practice that is done simply because "we have always done it this way and we think it works."

    When we have sound reasearch to back up our practice it lends credibility to our work.