i need advice please

  1. I have been supervisor over labor and delivery/ nursery/post-partum for this hospital for 2 years....I recenty resigned as supervisor and wanted to be a staff nurse due to the amount of hours i was having to put in....anywhere from 125-150 hours every 2 weeks.Well they started messing with my schedule...As supervisor i had to work where ever the need was...now the new supervisor is not getting the same treatment as i was....They are treating her like gold.she does not have to staff and i did...The problem is that i have children like everyone else and i have a child that has after school tutoring and there are 2 days a week the i need off...They will not give them to me...I feel they are just being hateful and so does my husband...They did not notify me of any schedule changes only when the schedule came out 24 hours before the old schedule was up.....What can I do?????

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