I have a few questions

  1. i want to become a travel Nurse, but i was wondering how exactly do you become one? And is this considered a nurses specialty? If not, what specialties are there? Also, if i become a travel nurse, do i have to travel all over the 50 states? I want to live in southern California, so can i choose just to travel around southern california an nowhere else? Aslo if you know, can you tell me the salary of a nurse in so cal and the salary of a travel nurse here? if i just became a regular RN do you think i will be able to live a comfortable life in CALIFORNIA?

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  3. by   caliotter3
    Due to the economy, travel nursing contracts are being cancelled left and right. It is not a good time to go into this specialty. Furthermore, travel agecies are looking for candidates with a strong background of experience and usually won't talk to anyone with less than two years experience.