How to deal with emotions?

  1. Sometimes i feel that i cant be calm.Ofcourse i know that i have to be but still inside me evrithing is exploding.Some people are so impatient.For example,they dont understand that some test resolts takes more time then 5 minits.They think that you are lazy.And if they have to wait docter a littel longer they are angry with me and at the end when the doctor arrives they only smileys to the doctor.I hope yo will understand what i mean.
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  3. by   sharann
    Just tell the patient the same thing "I know it's hard to wait, but this is something only the doc can help you with"
    Don't let them take out their anger on you. You must be empathethic, but you don't have to be abused. Just be pleasant and ignore them. You need to let them know that YOU do NOT control the doctors schedule, or how long the wait is.
    Good luck.