How to assign the work load?

  1. Has anyone worked with the Twelve Bed Model? How do you divide up the assignments on your unit? Do you have a charge nurse- what is her role? Do you do team nursing or primary? Do you have LPN's-what is their role?
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  3. by   jo272wv
    I am in a hospital that uses charge nurses to assign individual assighnments. The grid specifies how many RNs, Lpns, and Cnas are allowed. Lpns take on the same workload as the RNs but the Rns are responsible to administer any IV drugs for the Lpns. The charge nurses try to divide the pts fairly with acuity in mind and tries to give pts back to nurses that may of had them the day before which helps assure continuous proper care. Cnas collect vitals, glucs. pass trays and help with baths. all in all it works well if the grid is well done and call offs are minimal. Of course this is not the cas most of the time. We work short quite a bit.