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Some people just don't know when to quit or they just won't quit. The facility can't force you to retire, so then what? Do you just let someone work until they collapse on the unit or make a major... Read More

  1. by   night owl
    You are not going to believe this then again, maybe you will. Supervisor called this morning and wanted her to work overtime and of course she did. When she hung up the phone, she said, "I can't take this anymore! I just can't!!! I'm retiring as of January the 1st! I said are you serious? She said, "Well my husband is so upset with me that I do all this overtime and he keeps telling me I'm not young anymore. I'm just too tired for this kind of work and who am I kidding? I need to stop and smell the's time." I told her that was wonderful, gave her a great big hug and told her that she was making the right decision. Little did she know I was giving myself a hug at the same time. She finally came to realize that she can't keep going forever doing what she's been's just too much for her. Also told her that I've been worried about her lately and how exhausted she's been doing four and five OT's a week, & nodding out EVERYTIME she sat down at the computer or the desk. Driving home and possibly killing yourself by falling asleep at the wheel just isn't worth it. She's worked too hard all these years to have it all end like that.
    It's time to really enjoy life now. She said, "a life? I didn't know I had one of those." Told her well now you'll finally get a chance to see what you've been missing." She actually had a look of relief on her face. She also said this is the last day she's doing anymore overtime and I said "Good for you lady, semi-retirement can start today.! Well there you have it. I feel as though I need to go out and celebrate for her and for ME. She has saved me a whole lot of stress...but I still have to work with her for another month...{{*sigh*}} Let's just hope she doesn't change her mind. "Oh Happy day..."
  2. by   ktwlpn
    Throw her a BIG bash...a real do.....She deserves it...I worked with a dear older lady years ago on a secure unit.She used to loose the med cart...God Bless her-she would walk away from it and forget where she left it.Thank goodness I work in a round building so she could not get totally lost....She fell and fractured a hip and that was the end of her-Fell off of her bike,no less....I have to give her credit-I pray that I am not still doing this at her age...