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U.S. Navy RN 16 yrs Clinic Manager $6,800.00 month Moonlighting job: RN 16... Read More

  1. by   Little One2
    1. RN
    2.5 years
    3.Camp nursing, community nursing, medicine, surgical, ICU
  2. by   louloubell1
    1. RN
    2. Less than one year
    3. Cardiothoracic surgery ICU
    4. $28/hr (only because I work nights & weekend option. If I were still days & not on weekend option, that wage would only be $15.45 hr.)
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  3. by   Cafe
    RN, IMCU
    5 years Cardiac/Telemetry
    2.5 years IMCU
    Base pay 25.01
    joke is new grads now start at 20.97
    Slipping backwards!!!
  4. by   Sally_ICURN
    *Staff RN (California)
    *new grad almost two years ago
    *CardioThoracic Surgery ICU/float occasionally to Trauma ICU
    *$37.39/hr = about $70,000/yr (this figure does not include my
    weekend differential of 5% or overtime or holiday pay)

    Per our union contract, an across the board wage increase of 6% is coming in April of this year and I'm personally due for a staff level raise of $3.51/hr in March AND I move up an additional "step" on the pay scale as well (another $1.60/hr).

    So let's see in April I will be making:

    *$43.11/hr = $81,000/yr (not including my 5% w/e diff or
    overtime or holiday pay).

    Also, my benefits are excellent, I get breaks, and I like my co-workers and management. The docs treat me with respect and I only work 3-12 hr shifts/wk.

    Problem is, is that it does eventually top out. So for people who've been working there forever, the only wage increases they get is the contracted across the board increases because there aren't any more staff levels or steps to climb after 20 years.

    I'm not complaining.

    Where does it all go?


    p.s. where I live 75% of the people who live here cannot afford to buy a house and I'm one of those 75%.
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  5. by   beepers40
    1. RN
    2: 18 months
    3. L&D noc shift
    4: $39.20
    SF Bay Area
  6. by   RNanne
    25.00 per diem
  7. by   angelbear
    LPN, 2yrs geriatrics LTC 13.34 that includes 3rd shift diff, 1.5yrs MRDD/LTC 17.00 no shift diff no bennies, Ohio
  8. by   Moley
    1. RN
    2. 18 years
    3. Psych & Autism specialist
    4. $12/hour equivalent
    5. England

    Anyone wanna come work in England?! :chuckle

  9. by   debRNo1
    1. RN (New York)
    2. nurse for 10 years (RN for 2)
    3. med/surg
    4. 60,000 year
  10. by   moonrose2u
    Sally ICURN,
    wow! you are doing quite well for yourself..but what is the cost of living there?
  11. by   Bermuda
    LPN 23 years/ RN 4 years Staff nurse Telemetry 7a-7p base pay $25 then shift diff $2.50 (3-7p) and extra $3.00/hr also for Sat/Sun Agency are making big time $$$ but we are not using them as much as we have in the past.. the wages do need to come up because the responsibility and the job description in ever expanding...almost daily...
  12. by   NurseKrissy
    7 mos.
  13. by   KaroSnowQueen
    1. LPN
    2. 18 1/2 years experience
    3. Staff nurse for a hospital owned agency, only work their facilities.
    4. 19/hr, 2.70 shift diff, work 3 12 hr shifts per week, made around 38,000 last year.