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How many tries did it take you to get your nusing lisence? Do u think academic grades or clinical grades have any reflections on how people do on board exams? Thank you in advance. nursing... Read More

  1. by   Mazodze
    I attempted once before any review and flunked. I am still to take after my Ph.D. Tricky for an old horse
  2. by   kids
    I am a really bad example of how to pass the NCLEX-RN on the first try...

    I was a single Mom of 3 little kids & worked full time & went to school full time (14+ credits/QTR). I was a C+ student...but aced clinicals, I even managed to pull a B in Maternal/Child without the text book (didn't have the money for it). I am a hands on learner, not a book learner and I know it so I didn't try very hard. I also have zero test anxiety...I an ability to read a question and the choice of answers and know the "most correct" (all of my schools tests were modeled on the NCLEX).

    I took the 2 day boards in Tacoma, WA in March 1990. I didn't take any prep class or use any prep materials...actually I did all of my prep with Long Island Ice Teas.

    Dumbest thing I ever did...partied and drank my way thru the 2 days, yep...took those tests either still drunk or hung over on almost no sleep.

    I passed in the top 10% in the State, the scores of my schools graduate placed them at #1 in the State.

    I still remember one question ( because it made me laugh out loud):
    Mrs. Jones has HTN and IDDM, her medications are Lasix and insulin. You are ambulating her in the hall when she c/o dizziness. Which do you do first?

    A) check her BP
    B) check her BS
    C) call the MD
    D) (I'm not kidding here) Assist her to sit down.
  3. by   eddy
    Passed first time, but two people actually left before completing the test. One was a lady that I would guess was in her early 50's... She walked out crying. The other was a man I would guess about 28 years old or so... he passed out! Boy that made the stress level go up just a bit. Later I talked to the guy having run into him at the mall. He said he was working night shift for Payless Shoes putting in mega OT and hadn't had the chance to really study, so he called into work and stayed up two days straight to "catch up". Said all he consumed was Mountain Dew and cigarettes the whole time. He passed on his second go 'round, and I ended up working with him for a short time. Cool guy actually... hehe.

  4. by   NativeButterfly
    Pasted the first time while taking percocet for an ORIF of my right ankle that occurred two weeks after graduation and two weeks before NCLEX. I cannot remember how many questions but I remember that it shut off after a question on NSAIDs. I knew that I had answered it correctly. So, I did not sweat it too much...haha.
  5. by   adrienurse
    The NCLEX only takes 30 minutes??!! I am so jealous. I wrote the CNA RNexam in 2 sittings and it had to have taken at least 3 hrs.
  6. by   boggle
    WOW. I didn't really understand the NCLEX format before.

    I took the boards in the 70's.......exams were offered twice a year, ..2 days, 5 exams, 2 hours from home,... each of us sitting at our own card table spaced exactly 6 feet away from the next table, exam police roaming the room..... The cost was around $30.

    Like Anagray said, some of us remember it like it was yesterday. I even remember what I ate for lunch those days!!

    I am surprised that you can pass the exam/ get your license after a 75 question evaluation. I wonder, are the questions harder? more pertinent? I remember our 5 exams having about 75 questions each! Is the current system a fair and adaquate measurement that you meet the minimum standards?

    There were 2 advantages to the "old system" . You could skip questions you were not sure of and go back to them later. Also I think if you failed a section, if I remember correctly, you only had to retake that section.

    I was relieved to have passed on the first try, and would NEVER want to have to do it again.
  7. by   boggle
    Oh, one more thing. Lots of newer nurses that I know said taking the LPN exam really helped them in their preparation for the RN exam.

    They said they were much less anxious as they were familiar with the format and style of questions. Many took the LPN exam even though they did not plan to work as an LPN.

    They also said once they passed the LPN exam, they had that license as a "backup" while they finished their nursing program and sat for the RN exam. They all said it was worth the expense.
  8. by   Shell7280
    it took me one time to pass the nclex, i had a weird number of questions...... 83!! but my instructors said that people have all different numbers and not to worry! and then i got my license in the mail so all's well. my school had a 98% pass rate so we were trying to bring it up. only one person out of 36 failed from my class. and the people that came to give us a practice test said that if you get the lowest amount of questions... either you passed really well with no doubt in their mind or you failed miserably and stood no chance of recovering your pass. :d
  9. by   researchrabbit
    75 questions, 30 minutes in 2000. In nursing school, we'd taken several computer exams that mimicked the NCLEX (and I'd done well on those) so I did nothing in the way of preparation. Just went and took it. Most of the questions, I didn't have a clue (at least that's what it felt like) but apparently I chose the correct maybe I know more than I think I do.
  10. by   BeachNurse
    Passed the boards with 75 questions..can't remember how long it took me, maybe an hour? I didn't think that I failed but I do remember worrying the whole 5 days I had to wait to find out!!
  11. by   jacolaur
    LPN ..1979- I took it once also paper and pencil days....worked several years then had my children 15 and 12 years ago. I stopped working and kept up with the continuing medical education courses. Decided in 1999 that I probably would not go back to work and put my license as inactive...well..summer 2002..decided, wow, I really do want to start working again since my family is growing up....I re-applied to the Board of Nursing and had to re-take the nclexpn... I spent the 3 months of summer studying and retook the boards thinking no friggen way will I pass after so many years of not working..I was so proud of myself when I received the pass letter.
    I would not consider going right back to hospital work without a re-fresher course... so I took a different direction and now I work in an office and do clinical research studies...quite exciting!
  12. by   sphinx
    Took the test, it shut off at the minimum number of questions, and passed.
    I think a lot of it was preparing for the *types* of questions they ask, and preparing to take that sort of test. I'd always been one to go through a test quickly answering all the questions I knew, then go back and answer ones I wasn't sure about, etc. The computer format changed that. My school had us practice similar computerized exams our senior year. Also, all our nursing exams were similar to the boards in that there would often be 2 answers that could be "right", but one was the better of the 2. Throughout school, that frustrated me to no end, but when all was said and done, I was glad, because that was how I found the boards to be. plus, it tunes up your critical thinking skills.
  13. by   KRVRN
    What's also kind of neat about the newer computer testing is that you can sign up for any of several time slots throughout the day, 6 (or is it 5?) days a week. Sure beats the couple times a year thing that some of you have described!