1. 1. Do you call up the patients and tell them, "OK, I have an 8 a.m. opening," and they say "OK," or does the agency line up your appointments?
    2. What about if you need directions in going to someone new's house? Do you ask the person you're seeing for the directions or does the agency just give you a map and say, "HERE! look it up!"
    3. How much time do you need to allow for each patient and what if it runs short/long, and you are early/late in getting to the next one?
    4. Do you have to call the pt when you are running late/early?
    5. What happens if you get there and don't know what to do? Say, this is a new procedure for you and you are clueless or worse yet, forget how to do it? Can you call the agency and get help?
    6. Would they fire you over this?
    7. Also, do you know what each pt of the day's travels will require ahead of time? Do you get a list of their history and what they need done that day?
    8. How do you schedule appointments? For example, if I were to be an HHN, I would want to work probably 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., and only those hours, probably 3 days per week, while my child is in school, for example . . . are you allowed this type of self-scheduling?
    9. is the above-mentioned type of schedule hard to come by in home health?
    Give me the complete run-down, please!!! THANKS -- VERY INTERESTED!
    --my dad

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  3. by   barbd
    Ok, I've worked for lot of agencies-I find non for profit are more flexible and nicer in general. They tell you who needs to be seen, what their problems are,where to find their charts, supplies etc. I always called and said-"hi, I'm your nurse today. Can you tell me which part of town you're in? Ok, I'll be there between 9 and 10 " or whatever. Most people are flexible because they know you have a long day. Feel free to e mail me with any other questions. I did home care for 10 years because I loved the kind of patient contact you have, however, I'm fed up with Medicare. I now work with people with developmental disabilities and love that, too.