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Hey Everyone, Just wondering how helpful it would be if you were fluent in lets say, Spanish? Is that a major plus when looking for a job?... Read More

  1. by   KellNY
    The translator phone is great, yes, but it's not realistic to use all the time. If you are bilingual enough to be able to ask the pt simple things and comprehend the answers, then that can make both your lives easier.

    Some examples where translator phone wouldn't be necessary:

    -Pt is asking if she can have some apple juice or a straw for her milk
    -Pt would like the heat lowered in the room, or the door left open
    -Pt asking when dinner will arrive
    -Pt would like to know where her visiting father can use the bathroom
    -Pt asking if her young daughter can visit her

    Obviously it wouldn't be a good idea to just take a course or two and then try translating for consents and discharges, or answering medical questions, discussing risks, etc. But in general, yes, being at least partially bilingual is VERY helpful for all involved.