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I am applying to nursing school and I have what I call a sensitive nose. I am a little worried about how to handle the various "aromas" that are associated with nursing. Any suggestions on this... Read More

  1. by   SRNJIM
    Gender Bias, Gender Bias.... !! :-) I am a husband and I know that my wife's smells too!!! So there!!! :-)

    It isn't only you gals who wonder why we did not know (before marriage) how"they" can smell up the bathroom in the AM! :-)

    Anyway, I am a student nurse too and am glad someone else had the courage to ask a question I needed to ask but was afraid of ridicule.

    I have tried the Vicks and it does help some.

    I agree with a previous coment. I can get by the smell with Vicks, but sputim....yucccccch! It gags me. I can't close my eyes, so I don't know what I can do there.


    Jim (the Old Student Nurse)
  2. by   GPatty
    I still gag when it comes to mucous.....awful!

    But mouth breathing always helps me with bad smells.....
    yes find me a ward that smells of lily of the valley and im rushing to apply!! :d

    yes it is the gut wretching and emesis inducing aromas whos microscopic molecules find comfy little resting places on us nurses clothes, skin and hair so lucky us, we even get to take that 'comforting aroma' of malaena, diarrhoea, colostomy bags, necrotic and nosocomial infected wounds, unwashed tinea ridden flakey skinned feet (*ugh* that makes me sick), unwashed hair, mouths, crevices and bodily odours (particulary that skanky 'armpit' smell that may linger after a lift/transfer on your arm *ugh ugh double ugh*!!.......scrubb dubb dubb!!), emesis, bile, sputum ahhhhhhhhhhhh.......:zzzzz sure dont pass for a batch of freshly cooked brownies now...............:chuckle .........hell some confused patient may even try to give you a little 'piece of brownie' wrapped up in toilet paper if you are reaaaaaaaaal lucky!...............:chuckle

    what drives me insane and to the point of nauseating dismay at times is the dire lack of adequate aromatherapy supplied on wards (well im speaking from my experience here!)........... they have these crapola cheap and nasty sprays that will often concoct an emesis inducing rank pungent smell after spraying, some buildings are so antiquitated that windows are a scarce luxury that leave you positively gagging!!

    i think that management need to waltz out from behind their freshly plucked rosebud and rosepetal strewn desks, tiptoe over the tulips and through the lily of the valley's and venture into the sewers we inhabit during our working hours and perhaps allow some molecules to land on their armani lapels??!!!............ maybe they only allow private hospitals molecules to land on them, must be poshier aroma..........

    and what they really need to invest in for all wards is glorious electric aromatherapy oil burners ......... but im sure it would break their budget.........scumbags ......

    but hey if you have had a real **** of a day, you could always rub up against everyone on public transport after your shift, spread the joy and aroma dont be greedy, share it! and i am sure that as with most public transport you could even be doing it a favour by introducing a new bug to ride on the back of the bus........

    well now ive been inspired to write nosocomial based childrens nursery first one will be entitled "the big bad bugs on the back of the bus"........ ........ coming soon to a seat near you...............:chuckle

    and just one final is amazing how a nurse can even contemplate and ingest food as easily as we can after smelling the **** we do.................
  4. by   Love-A-Nurse
    Originally posted by UKRNinUSA
    don't breathe thru your nose - somehow I am able to block of my nose but I can't quite explain how- it's like when you talk thru your nose -that's how I do it every morning after my husband's been in the bathroom
  5. by   JailRN
    Breathe through your ears.
  6. by   rnoflabor2000
    Just learn to become a mouth-breather
  7. by   mario_ragucci
    You can't fool or mask your sense of smell! It's just not possible. Even when you breath through your mouth, your olfactory receptors still get a crack at the smell. Might as well just let those receptors fire away and let your own acetylcholine eventually push and over-ride the response. I'm sorry :-( Thank you :-)