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  1. Have you ever heard ofbeing good in a alot of things but not a expert in any one thing??? That is the way i feel. I have been in Long Term Care Director Role for over 10yrs. and have seen it all. With all the rules and regulations out there from HCFA & OBRA not to mention the own internal house stress of running a nursing facility it does take it's toll. The thing that has kept me in it has been the "warm fuzzies" that i get with the patient/employee contact. Each time i move on to the same role at a bigger or different facility i have to say goodbye. It is like "putting your pet to sleep". I just can't do it anymore. I need to get away from the personal contact that has faces and work behind the scences to advocate and help facilites and residents. ie; consulting, quality improvemennt, surveying...etc. There is alot of nursing left in me and i want to use it...BUT don't know where turn with is like i am standing at a fork in the road regarding nursing and don't know what is fesible or financially best to take. Thanks for letting me bend your ear and would eagerly take any suggestions out there openly.

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    I can't tell you which direction to take, but I can tell you some conclusions that I've come to after nearly 30 years of nursing at multiple institutions and in differing areas of nursing.... first of all, I hope that you have multiple relationships and interests OUTSIDE of nursing, be it marriage, children, friends.....if not, work on strenghtening those, they can really help to put your work situation in a different perspective. Secondly, take a good hard look at all those "warm, fuzzy" work relationships very objectively. Are these all hard-core, lifelong friendships, or merely acquaitances? Of all the jobs that you have held over the years, how many have remained close friends? Is the fear of losing these relationships actually a cover for a fear of change, and reflective of how "comfortable" where you are now? I have worked full or part time at seven different hospitals, and I consider myself lucky if I have maintained a long term friendship with some one I met at half of them. It's just the way it is......Try picking one or two individuals where you work now and work on strengthening those relationships for when you leave, and try thinking about how exciting it can be to do/learn something new or different, and new people that you will meet, whichever direction you chose to pursue. I hope this helps.....Good Luck!