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I don't want this to turn into a thread about whether or not nursing caps should be worn (lord knows there's about 200 threads like that, on this board, already!), but I do have a question: For... Read More

  1. by   NurseLiNA
    hey ya!! im working on my 10 posts today...a nurse cap?? is it like those white, almost sailor-looking hats or something?? or is it the bandana type nurse cap?? hmmm...i wouldnt know b/c i'm not quite in the field know more about me, click on *NurseLiNA* is it mandatory to wear these nurse caps???? continuing on with the nursing attire, do any nurses nowadays STILL wear the sexy white button dress, like thingy??


    ***still finiishin my 10 posts-******
  2. by   MomNRN
    I cannot believe there are facilities out there that require nursing caps! How archaic!

    Thank god the nursing school I graduated from agreed that they were an albatross! We didn't wear them, but did take a vote for our class picture - cap or no cap. Most of the people who wanted to wear caps were choosing it for sentimental reasons like their mother was a nurse and wore one. The no cap crowd won the vote!

    I was one of the older students in the class and refused to even consider wearing one. I cannot remember the last time I saw a nurse with a cap, and it would not be in my graduating picture.
  3. by   RNanne
    We used to use hair combs. Take a safety pin and pin it inside the front of the cap. Take a rubber band and wind it around the pin and wound through the teeth of the comb. The bottom of the comb teeth should be pointing toward the front of your head. Then stick the comb into your hair (it should be facing the front of your head, then turn the comb in your hair so that it is facing back. Then the back of the cap in held with two white bobbypins. Works very well. The rubberband gives it some leeway so that it is not on so tight because it stretches. Sounds complicated, but it is not. I probably didn't explain it very well, but I tried. I never ever heard of the tissue thingy. Sounds horrid.
  4. by   shudokan-RN
    Duct tape.. Cause if you are following the news its even good for Homeland security measures.:roll
  5. by   HazelLPN
    Hey now! I still wear mine everyday. I wear my hair in a bun (grandma style) and the bun seems to do most of the work. Then i use 4 large white bobby pins, 2 on each side and two in the back that are attached to a small piece of starched fabric--similar to what the cap is made of--that I pin just under the bun. The only time my cap fell off (this is a true story) was when I was driving to the hospital in my 1953 Ford Convertible. I was also wearing my nursing cape which I let billow in the wind. The clasp broke off my cape, got caught on my cap, pulled OFF my cap and landed on the car behind me----MY INSTRUCTORS car! Needless to say she was none too pleased.

    Anyone stil have their nursing cape? My grandson used to use mine to play superman.