how do you turn a total knee patient?

  1. What is the best way to turn a total knee replacement patient? How can you keep the knee extended? Also, can they be turned onto the affected side(bad knee down) or is that bad?
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  3. by   tangrene
    We use leg immobilizers on our patients before turning them. Works like a charm, pillows of course between the legs is needed too, but the immobilizer is comfortable and you can loosen the knee area and allow the dressings and ace wrap some room while in bed.

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  4. by   RachelUK
    Our total knee patients routinely come back from theatre with a full leg splint on, which remains in place for about 48 hours post until the patient is mobilising with physios.This makes turning a doddle,if we put the bed rails up then the patient is more or less able to turn themself. I always leave it up to the patient whether or not it is easier for them to turn onto their operated side, including hips.