How do you like to participate in a hospital general orientation??

  1. Hi Everyone:
    I had my general hospital orientation was a very very long day. They talked about the usual stuff like MSDS, HIPPA, Compliance...bla bla!!
    This is the 4th hospital I will be working for and every hospital basically told me the same things.....I know they have to tell all their new employees....which is totally fine with me.
    But after listening to the same stuff from all these hospitals I felt sooooooooo bored and sleepy and I thought I ask you all how do you like those "general orientation" thingy??
    I sewar if I change my job one more time and go through one more of these general orientation I will be able to tell the rest of the gang what HIPPA is all about, what is MSDS
    Anyway one good thing though we did get an awesome free lunch and ofcourse got paid for just sitting there!!
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