how do i find somewhere that offers CNA classes

  1. How do I find somewhere that offers CNA classes?? I've looked online and every site sends me somewhere random!! And if you are a CNA, where did you take classes?
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  3. by   Boog'sCRRN246
    Go to your state's Board of Nursing website. It should have a list.
  4. by   CarlSagan's Maid
    look in the medical help wanted section in your local paper/penny saver. there are usually a couple listed there.
  5. by   EastBayCAStudent
    Try Google maps and mapquest and use different serch terms.

    Post your location and people may have more specific reccomendations.
  6. by   April, RN
    The American Red Cross offers CNA and home health aide classes. Check your local chapter's website and see if it's offered in your area.
  7. by   Taffey
    Try your local community college, that is were I received my certificate.