Honest Poll: Monitor Alarms

  1. Please Answer Honestly. This is for a Research Article that I am writing. Thanks for your input!
  2. Poll: How Do You Handle Cardiac/Bedside Monitor Alarms?

    • I Always Respond To Them, Assess The Patient, Address The Problem

      62.50% 5
    • I Ignore Them Because The Monitor Tech Will Let Me Know If There is a Problem

      12.50% 1
    • I Turn Them Off or Turn Down The Volume Because They Are So Annoying and Loud

      12.50% 1
    • I Turn The Volume Down or Turn Them Off Because I Am Standing Right There Anyway

      37.50% 3
    • A Patient in My Unit Has Died or Been Injured Due To a Missed Alarm

      12.50% 1
    8 Votes / Multiple Choice
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