hiv care - specialist or generic care?

  1. can anybody spare me some thoughts about the following?

    1. Should HIV care be a specialist or generic care? why? would it not be discriminatory to non hiv patients admitted in the same unit? what is so "special" about hiv care that it is currently classified as a "specialist area"? will it not de-stigmatise HIV if it is treated it a general ward?

    2. will staff nurses in general wards be more burdened if they care for hiv patients admitted in their unit? medications are usually given at times that the patient thinks fit their lifestyle. If medications are to be given according to the usual ward times, will it affect the compliance/adherence of patients to their treatment regimes?

    thanks. your thoughts shall be highly appreciated.
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    pej14, please see my post comments to you on the UK Nursing Discussion forum where you also posted a thread. Thanks!