hi there, can anyone help?

  1. Hi everyone, I am new to this board. And I must say that reading your various posts has helped me in my decision making process regarding my becoming a nurse. I have a BA degree in Sociology and I am looking for a descent nursing program in the US. I currently live in the Bahamas. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Also after I have obtained my BSN degree, does anyone think that I would be able to find employment in the US? Any help that any of you can provide would be gretly appreciated.
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  3. by   kewlnurse
    You live in the Bahamas and want to leave? I question your sanity but anyway, there a a whole bunch of schools in every state in the US, pick the state you want ot live in while going to school and doi a search on yahoo, google , or your favorite search engine for nussing schools in that state. BTW you don't need to have a bsn to be a RN you can do a AD program. Either way after you get your degree you need ot take the boards, there again take them in the state you want to be employed in. Once you get tyour licenese, a few weeks after passing your boards post a resume' on line or send them directly to the hospitals, most states have a nursing shortage finding a job won't be a problem, cant see why you would leave the bahamas though, anyway, I would recomend that you stay as far away from NY state as possible, it's an aweful state to live or work in.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    We took a cruise to the Bahamas last year and never wanted to leave!!! You won't have any problems getting a job.
  5. by   Hooligan
    Why would you want to leave?????
  6. by   keshia26
    i want to leave because i have lived here all of my life, and i need a change of scenery and experiences.
  7. by   semstr
    Hey I know a great place for you: here in Vienna and I'll go to the Bahamas instead!!
    Way to go!!
    Take care, Renee
    Seriously: Sorry, I can't help you here
  8. by   micro
    Originally posted by keshia26
    i want to leave because i have lived here all of my life, and i need a change of scenery and experiences.
    good luck and blessings.......keshia26

    yes, people vacation in bahamas.........and vacation in usa and vacation in............

    change is good.........

    come on up or over or in or (micro need geography lesson),
    welcome neighbor.........

  9. by   NRSKarenRN
    What type of place do you waht to live in for the next 2-4 years....that answer will help narrow down geographic area to be able to pick school of nursing.

    Mountains....near the ocean. Big city....small college town....quiet country. Temps in 10'-20'F with 10 ft snow in winter or warm all year round ??

    Come back with an answer and will tell you locations and schools of nursing.
  10. by   dawngloves
    OMGoodness! Could you find a job?! We would love to have you! I have heard rumors of schools footing the bill of your tuition if you work at their hospital for 3 years.
    Choose carefully. The US is your oyster!
  11. by   keshia26
    dawngloves, would you be able to provide me with the name of the schools that offer to pay tuition if one agrees to work for them for three years after graduation?

    and nrsKarenrn i have decided that i need a warm climate with some ocean near by, in a medium sized city with great cultural offerings. i was thinking florida, or california, or even texas.
  12. by   SICU Queen
    Try the Mississippi Gulf Coast! I love it down here. It's warm, you're right on the Gulf, there are several nice medium sized cities (Long Beach, Bay St. Louis), New Orleans and all its history is an hour's drive away, and there are several good 2 and 4 year degree programs in the area. Plus the cost of living is EASY on the pocketbook...

    Just my two cents...

    Email me if you'd like more info...

    (Gosh I sound like a commercial, lol )
  13. by   nursedawn67
    I was going to give a reply...but its like 5 degrees here and about 18 inches of snow...the bahamas are sounding great!
  14. by   live4today
    Hi Keisha!

    Ex-hubby and I paid a visit to your beautiful homeland back in the mid-1980's, and had the best time of our lives! Ahhhhh, the memories of the Bahamas!

    You mentioned wanting a quiet, oceany, cultural place to work, and I have just the perfect place for you to consider. It's in San Luis Obispo, California! Great place, great town, great people, wonderful ocean views, and even beautiful mountain views!!!

    I did a traveling assignment there once, and loved it! Pismo Beach was my daily hangout! Another nice city nearby to visit is Solvang...a wonderful quaint Dutch Village for shopping, sightseeing, and such.

    Happy travels to you, Keisha!