Hi Everyone. I'm new.

  1. Hello. I'm a new RN. I just wanted to introduce myself. I graduated from FAU in May and have been an RN for about 3 months. I am working in med-surge of a major hospital in Florida. So far, so good. Proiritizing is coming slowly but surely. I'm 23 years old. I love this board, and I hope to visit often. I have learned a great deal from you all so far. Well, I'll see you all here soon. And if there's any info I can offer, i'll be glad to. i'm new, but learning fast. Bye for now.
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  3. by   suzannasue
    This BB is absolutely the greatest!!!!!! Much support here!!!!!
    Great to have you around!!!!! Hope to see you post often!!!!!!

  4. by   puzzler
    Welcome to Nursing and to this board. Both areas are glad to have you.

    You will find most people on this board to be a great help and fun too.

    Nver fear, prioritizing will come with time and experience.