1. I'm a Respiratory Therapist. I hope I'm welcome here. Some of the topics facinate me greatly.
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  3. by   bunky
    Welcome aboard Harry! I think that some of this concerns everybody involved in healthcare.
  4. by   nimmue
    I'm sure you are.

  5. by   justanurse
    Yes, the people in RT at my facility are just as worn down as the nurses are.

  6. by   McIndia
    Welcome Harry...at my hospital the RTs are treated just like the nurses, when they are in CCU/ICU--they get worn down just like the rest of us.
  7. by   Mijourney
    Hi Harry. You are part of the team of providers that are so crucial to patient care. It would be interesting to see what you have to write, although I don't own or manage this bb.