hey yaaaaaaa!!!!!! this is meeee!!!

  1. hi-hi!!! i wanted to insert a lil pic of myself under my name, nurselina instead of that lil naked angel!! ok, if ya read my lil post thread, "i want to be a nurse!!!" this is mee!! i jus wanted to insert a lil friendly pic of myself...this better work. and thank u ma'am for helping me...i forgot her name...ok, im out and this is meeeeeeeee!!! :roll


    <-------ok, ya, i fixed it already!!!! do ya see my meee?!?! *hee-hee* i deleted the attachment b/c now i've finally got my own pic under my own. if ya would like to do the same, jus do 10 posts (this took me all day) fo to ur "user cp" and click options and upload ur own avatar (pic) ok, buh-bai!!!!! mmmmuah!!
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    student...FUTURE NURSE!!


  3. by   NurseLiNA
    it's not working!!!!!!! color]

    ok, it's now working....im tryin to delete my posts b/c i've got it working now, but it won't let me...so ignore my lil comments!!

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    hey ya.....it's me ever so again!! *hee-hee* i now know how to hav my own lil pic under my name now!! alriiiite!! i jus need to do at least 10 posts....yes, 10!! so ya'll be seeeeing me allll day today!!!!