Help with Sponge Counts!

  1. Hello all,

    I'm putting together a report on the incidence of retained foreign objects (including sponges) and I have been trying, in vain, to come up with an estimate on how many sponges are used, on average, per surgery. Can anyone help me with this?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   rpbear
    In a c-section (the only surgery I deal with) we use on average 15-20. Hope this helps.
  4. by   RNKITTY04
    I agree with 20 laps, 10 raytex. Depends on blood loss
  5. by   P_RN
    This is so interesting! I went to Google and found a bunch of x rays.

    It's been a loooooooong time since I circulated but it seems we used about 2-3 ten packs plus lap pads.