Help! What to study for a challenge exam?

  1. Help!
    I am scheduled to take a challenge exam on April 24th at SFSU for a BSN program that I am starting next fall. The class is Health Assessment & Skills Lab. Yes, I am an RN and know how to assess my patients but my concern is as always, what we learn in school is not always exactly what we learn on the job.
    Any suggestions for books or articles addressing basic healthcare assessments? I still have my med-surg book from nursing school but am looking for a little more info. I know what you all are thinking, challenge exams are to prove you already know the material. I am anal when it comes to tests and I guess I don't trust myself to go in cold turkey. I also haven't worked for almost two years due to an injury so I am feeling a little rusty.
    If anyone has a suggestion please let me know.

    PS: What about pathophysiology too?
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