HELP! i got bit by some bug or something a few minues ago on my neck, it looks bad - page 2

I dont know what I got bit by, but in a matter of seconds it formed this very raised welt about an inch long, it stings like nothing else, and the area around it is numb. The welt is growing and its... Read More

  1. by   ktwlpn
    I HATE biting,stinging,crawling,flying or hopping bugs...My husband rarely gets bitten or stung by anything-as a matter of fact bees will fly past him to get to ME...I disturbed a nest of yellow jackets last summer that was under a wooden planter-before I realized it I had been stung on both legs at least 10 times-The nest was between me and the front door and the back door was locked.I pulled my pants down right at the end of the driveway....What a sight that must have been....I had not been stung or bitten in years-0I forgot how much it hurts.....I keep benadryL po and topical in the house because I get wierd allergic reactions through the year-great stuff,that benadryl....
  2. by   tattooednursie
    Thanks everyone. I know that it wasnt a brown recluse. i have seen those before. It wasnt a black widow either, because it wasnt shiny I saw the BIGGEST black widow ever when I was camping when I was little, it was on my arm, and I had nightmares for years. I have a major bug phobia even the harmless things like house flies and moths get my panties in a bundle.

    I am beginning to think that maybe it was a wasp from what you guys were describing. when I got bit I was getting out of the shower and went to open my bedroom window after I put my bathrobe on. That day I had just gotten screens put in that window and I had it open while i was putting it in. The bugs probably got in then. I had my head under the blinds while opening my window that night. when I pulled my head out I felt like I had gotten stabbed in the neck. I knew that something had bit me, so in a panic, fearing that whatever it was could be on my robe I took it off and threw it across the room. So I, in my nude, posted about what happened, and then I got the guts to look in my robe, and found those bugs. Now that I read what you said, it behaved more like a wasp or hornet sting. I dont see any wasps in here, and I have not checked the floor for a dead one lol.

    Anyways, after I went to bed (in my computer chair) I was not going back in that bedroom. I wook up within two hours because the sting, bite, or whatever hurt so bad. i got some ice to pout on it, then I felt it. my neck had formed a welt the size of a golf ball, and raised so high that I looked like I had a tumor. After I looked in the mirror I started getting short of breath, (probably because I was panicked.) I ALMOST called an ambulance but I did now want to go into the bedroom to get dressed, so I decided to go to sleep and let nature take its course(I figured it wasn't fatal, but you never know. All I knew is that I was NOT going back in there to get dressed (hey, I could have called in dead for work). I ended up falling asleep, for another hour waking up because of pain, I did the ice thing again. she swelling went down, but it was all hot and red on the whole side of the neck. I felt a little better so I did go back to sleep for several more hours. when I wook up all that was left is a small raised line, and a stiff neck., and thats all that remains. there is no tenderness or anything, I didnt even think about it all day at work except the stiff neck
  3. by   gwenith
    Sounds like a wasp to me- check to make sure you do not have a nest somewhere.

    PS with your bug phobia you had better never come down under - we got lots and lots and lots of bugs
  4. by   tattooednursie
    Thanks for the warning Gwenith! I wouldnt survive down under.