HELP !! Can anyone else handle LTC ?? - page 2

Hi, I am a new grad LPN. I recently got hired in a long term care facility ! I work the 3-11pm shift 5 nights monday thru friday...I am so busy with 25 patient, between meds, treatments, new... Read More

  1. by   NursingStudent5548
    As once again a fellow CNA, I have a few points....

    1. Where do you work it sounds to me like they glorify CNA's sounds like a easy job for them!!!

    2. If they don't report skincare it is neglect and the CNA responsible for that resident is not providing adequate care.
    They need wrote up and if need be congratulations they need canned.

    I wouldn't be suprised if some of the other CNA's were being upset by these other lazy CNA's...

    If need be have a "heart to heart" with numerous CNA's they will feel like you care for them.
  2. by   stressed5242
    a cna does not have an easy job at all. skin issues are ultimatley on the nurse, the nurse is responsible for everything. In my place, the nurse gets written up if the cna doesn't get the residents weights. The cna's i work with are great, the workload for cna's & nurses in LTC is horrendous !!! I agree with trailer, wish we could unionize. No one is there for us & our license is jeopordized EVERYDAY !!