HELP!! Agency nurses and self scheduling?

  1. We recently began self scheduling on our med/surg unit. Many of our permanent staff are not pleased that we have put agency nurses into our sign-up rotation. (Everyone signs up on a rotating basis each month.) The opinion is that the agency nurses are there to fill the needs of our floor and should sign up after all of our permanent RNs choose their schedules. How do other units handle this? Do agency RNs only fill needs for other units, or are they scheduled as if regular staff?? As a facilitator of this scheduling I need some input from others and any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!
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  3. by   Jackie Payne
    I am an "evil" agency nurse and have worked for the same hospital for over a year. The hospital where I work usually schedules their staff nurses first and we just fill in the holes.
    They keep the minimun amount of staff nurses and they have no float/PRN pool. It is a very small hospital and the cencus varries to much to keep a full staff.