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  1. I'm a UK nurse,graduated in 1992,have a broad clinical experience and post-grad qualifications in HIV/AIDS, ophthalmology and teaching and assessing in clinical practice.
    I have authorization from CA State Board for an Interim Permit, have completed the Kaplan revision course and sit the NCLEX Dec.17.1998. My PROBLEM is that in order to work in the US, I need to find an employer who supports work visa/green card sponsorship. I'm presently in CA on a visitors visa and REALLY would like to stay. Can anyone help me, or know of someone who can?

    Please email me with any info;


    Tim Sedgley

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  3. by   Jacqueline
    Dear Tim,

    I believe that we may have a company that would sponsor your green card. Call me ASAP on 1-800-897-6949.