HCV-induced career change

  1. I am a 46 y/o RN with more years than i care to remember experience in the E.D. I contracted hepatitis c probably through a needlestick (only risk factor). At present I am going through vo-rehab for career retraining. Unfortunately, they insisted I do a year of Rebetron therapy before they will initiate any training/education/counceling. IF i finish the therapy(mth 6 has blown me away..anyone got spare hair) I need to decide on what direction to go in..and I have no idea..I am extremely tired all the time so my efforts at surfing are not very good. Patient care areas are limited, any ideas?? Thanks for any help, and anyone else in this boat I would also like to hear from also, if nothing else we can whine about being combosized, and on the other end of the needle.

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  3. by   Genista
    Have you considered a management position? What about the education dept (inservices,orientation, etc?) Teaching at a nursing school? Just a few ideas.Not sure what you had in mind. :-)