Have you ever been involved in a lawsuit?

  1. I was involved in an ED case that involved thrombolytic administration with subsequent massive bleeding. Case resolved positively for all health care providers in court. This case, of course, will stay with me from my first meeting with a rep of the hospital insurance company to depositions to going to court (but serendipitously not getting called to testify, because the hospital got dropped from the trial in the midst of the trial). KEEPING IN MIND THAT YOU SHOULD NOT DISCUSS AN ACTIVE CASE, is anyone interested in discussing their experiences in litigation?
    They say that what does not kill you, makes you stronger and so my take home lessons from this experience include:
    Having compassion for the suing family members will help you cope with the stress of the case.
    There is no such thing as perfect documentation, but we should all aim for it.
    I was told that my deposition was very strong and I attribute this to being very aware of my role as a nurse and listening carefully to the lawyers questions. Deposition is critical and what you say in deposition like court testimony SO if your court testimony is "at odds" with deposition, you may appear to be waffling or changing your story.
    Know your hospital's policies as well as possible and adhere to them. Make sure policies are written to minimum standards of function (that's write, I wrote "minimum") so that you are not called to perform to some wonderful but un-doable standard of care.
    Any other thoughts?
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